Gary Stevenson

Gary is a University Chaplain and creative thinker with over 15 years of experience in helping people discover spiritual truths.

One of his most recent initiatives is a unique gourmet dinner called Theo's Feast.

Inspired by Jesus’s model of sharing His Kingdom truths over meals, Theo’s Feast is a multi course meal that inspires deep spiritual conversations through pairing story with edible metaphors. Giving dinner guests a unique opportunity to experience the story with all of their senses.

Since our very first Theo’s Feast on March 1, 2014, we have been very encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response from dinner guests in 3 cities including Vancouver, Toronto and Orlando.

The vision of Theo’s Feast is to create a growing number of events and transferable resources that inspire people who are passionate about food, faith and hospitality to prepare and host their own Theo’s Feast’s as a tool to build bridges and inspire spiritual conversations.

If you are a passionate faith filled foodie, chef, writer, restauranteur, or social media marketer, we would love to explore collaborating with you.

We are also looking to partner with outreach minded churches and ministries as we continue to develop and refine the Theo's Feast experience.